Mobile security patrol teams can perform random mobile patrols

You may need a mobile security guardto lock up and unlock your site and perform health and safety checks but have no need for them for the rest of the day. Or you might want a mobile security guard to patrol your site a few times a night to make sure that everything is in order and to deter any criminals that may be planning to break in. Clients can take our services on a short or long-term basis, and we are available to assist you with mobile patrols nationwide. Many clients have benefited from our mobile patrol services during times where their property may be vacant for long periods of times.

At 1st Class Protection, we ensure that our mobile patrol security officers receive comprehensive on and off-site training to make sure they will be able to handle any situation. Standard operating procedures are also established to create internal standards which must be adhered to. Strict patrolling guidelines are observed by all mobile security patrols in London and across the UK, and a daily log is maintained by our officers, which are reviewed regularly by team leaders and managers. Unscheduled site visits are also made to ensure compliance with our security policies. Our mobile security patrols london teams can perform random mobile patrols to give you an increased security presence to protect your property for when static, manned guarding is either not appropriate or cost prohibitive. With extensive experience in corporate and residential security patrols, we will carry out site visits and recommend a level of service for professional mobile patrols to meet your needs.

This can be during Christmas, Easter and Summer Bank Holidays, or other times of the year where there may not be anyone to monitor the site. Making sure that all fixtures including windows and doors are locked, our professional security guards can ensure that there’s no way for criminals to gain unlawful entry into your property. In addition to this, we can carry out a full risk assessment of your property and site to determine which security solutions are the most appropriate for your premises.

Mobile patrols are a commonly used service designed to protect properties and land across a range of sectors. This service can protect empty properties and businesses, building sites and even event sites – offering a sense of security and a deterrent against crime. As a fully registered and licensed security agency, ALPHA Security is committed to offering full service dependable security solutions that make our client feel safe and secured. Our mobile security patrols are available across the UK and can be delivered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our Key Holding and Alarm Response service. Any issues are reported back in real time and our 24/7 team is on hand to ensure a rapid and effective response. If a situation occurs your pre-determined contact is notified, the emergency services are called and we ensure the premises are protected until re-secured.

This is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability in our business practices, and also allows us to offer mobile security patrols in London low-emission zones. The random nature of our visits means that we cannot be second-guessed, and our patrolling security guards will inspect your premises, including fences, doors, windows, and the safety of employees working on the site at the time. Our mobile patrol service can also be easily combined with any of our other services to further strengthen the security coverage on site during times where your property may be subject to intrusion, vandalism, or threat. If you have a large or dangerous site that is accessible by car, our mobile patrols can ensure the full perimeter of the site is investigated and checked.

Contact us today, to see how our dedicated, professional team can give you the reassurance and peace-of-mind you’re looking for. Book patrols, check reports and analyse job data from across your portfolio without picking up the phone or sending an email. Yes, we will do so as part of any cost proposal that we submit to you in response to your enquiry. If emergency remedial repairs are required and subject to pre-authorisation by you, we can arrange for these repairs to be carried out.

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