2022 December

California Retrofits

Presently, the diesel Tiguan only has 8 Parking Sensors, while the AllSpace and T-Roc have a Radar and a Lane Keeping Camera and this image is a fair illustration of the different Driver Assistance technologies in play in our modern cars. In Switzerland, retrofitting the EA 189 engine was mandatory. According to Amag company spokesman Dino Graf, all […]

Video games in Indonesia

A lack of investment and professionals means that the number of local gaming companies is not growing. Indonesian spelling games – this Indonesian spelling section at present offers five exercises for spelling everyday Bahasa Indonesia words; colors, two animal vocabulary activities and two general vocab games. These quizzes are some of the most fun Indonesian practice games on […]

Computer keyboard

Is a type of user interface navigated entirely using a keyboard, or some other similar device that does the job of one. For example, Ukelele for Mac, AutoHotkey or The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator for Windows, and open-source Avro Keyboard provide the ability to customize the keyboard layout as desired. Greek has two fewer letters than English, but […]