What Is a Micropayment?

If you’ve ever downloaded a song from iTunes or given a driver a tip using a delivery app, you’ve completed a micropayment. And although these transactions typically cost a couple of dollars or less, there’s still a processing fee for each one. But how do micropayments work when accepting payments for your business? Follow along as we explain […]

Withdrawal: Definition in Banking, How It Works, and Rules

Direct integrations with multiple banks, card networks, and third party payment platforms, along with in-house dynamic routing algorithms . Cashfree Payments is built to handle the unique payment needs of your business. Whether you need to collect payments or make on-demand payouts, Cashfree Payments is all you will ever need. Collect payments, make payouts, manage international payments, and […]

How to Make Money Safely

In times of economic uncertainty, it is important to make money safe. This is especially true if you are considering investing in stock or mutual funds. As they are a part of your overall portfolio, losing them can mean a complete loss of your investment capital. This is why most investors prefer to avoid putting their money in […]