Tips About Fanqiang and Science – A Review

Fanqiang and Science are a fast-paced fiction thriller set in a world where matter and energy have collided to create the fifth dimension. With the assistance of strange, interdimensional creatures called Geomancers, a group of young adults who know how to operate their special powers, discovers the truth about their existence.

When the ten young children from China, who know no home other than their spaceship, are brought to our world, they are taken in by the youngest of the household, Barbara Thompson. Together with her husband Tom Watson, and his son Grant, they develop an understanding of their alien existence, but deep within their hearts, each one longs for the return of their home planet. As they begin to explore their powers and their new-found role in their family’s life, and take on the world’s mysteries, they learn the truth about themselves and the difference between magic and science.

Characters: “Fanqiang and Science” is written in the third person point of view, from the first person. There are several different point of view’s used throughout the book, one character’s viewpoint is the only one used throughout the book. Visit here for more information about

The story opens with the young adults traveling back in time to kill the evil tyrant of the previous century. We see that the characters have some supernatural abilities, and once they return, they develop powers along with their ability to travel into the fifth dimension. After they learn the truth about their existence, they discover that they can use their powers to help people who are going through great difficulties in their lives. This is what forms the basis of the story, and the reader’s ability to empathize with their struggles.

They are introduced to the Geomancers and learn how their abilities have allowed them to enter their life, allowing them to use their abilities to help those in their past and provide guidance for the reader’s imagination to go wild with the possibilities. There are several times throughout the story when the characters travel into the fifth dimension, and we follow their journey as they travel to our world and learn of events happening here on earth.

Each character has different emotions, their characters experience different emotions, their emotions are revealed throughout the story, the reader never feels as if they are forced to read about the same type of emotions the characters experience. It creates an environment where the reader can feel the emotions that the characters feel and become attached to them. That bond of attachment will be kept in the reader’s mind.

The characterization and dialogue are done very well and are meant to immerse the reader in the story. It is also very well paced throughout the story, with the reader never feeling that the book is dragging on. While it can be slow to start off the book, as it doesn’t offer up a lot of plot, by the end of the story, the reader is left with a story filled with suspense and intrigue.

Overall, this novel, while a quick read, is well written and has the ability to engage the reader from start to finish. The characters are different and come alive, as they journey to learn more about themselves and the world they live in. While the characters’ flaws are apparent, it is the reader’s flaws that gives the novel such a powerful and memorable feel.

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