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Agents can work for an Executive Protection firm or work for several firms as contractors, dependent upon legislative and licensing requirements. The term executive protection was coined in the 1970s by the United States Secret Service when they created the Executive protection Service to guard visiting foreign dignitaries. Assist managements to formulate/ upgrade crisis management, emergency response and business continuity plans & manuals. Mental strength, determination, and people power, positive thinking concept. Business people bump elbows in office for greeting during covid-19 pandemic. End-to-end governance, advisory and monitorship solutions to detect, mitigate and remediate security, legal, compliance and regulatory risk.

While having a bodyguard with an NFL physique open your limo door looks imposing, executive protection requires risk assessment, advance work and lot’s of legwork to insure all goes according to plan. We have qualified, trained and experienced mobile security teams with extensive local knowledge of the areas in which they work, enabling you or your personnel to move safely and securely in high-risk, uncertain and hostile environments. Each of our executive protection teams is customized to meet the client’s individual requirements. Strong consideration is given to the operating environment, the very latest threat state and the security profile. Security is always a concern while travelling, and this is even truer when a CEO is visiting an emerging market.

At a lower level, protection might be afforded to persons of lesser rank who head up operations in areas where kidnapping and assassination are not uncommon such as in South America and the Middle East. When ransom has been paid or an assassination committed in the past, a company may mandate protection of its potentially targeted employees. Residential security, also called estate protection or estate security, safeguards people and their properties from invasions of privacy, home invasions and other crimes, threats and disturbances. Residential security uses onsite physical protection measures that rely on a combination of technology, staffing and procedures. The executive protection detail consists of two elements; an advance element and the close protection element-or main body. The advance element travel ahead of the main body that travels with the client being protected.

That way, safety is not a concern for your executives, and they can focus on their work. Security details are not cheap, but pricing will vary depending on your destination. According to DMAC Security, you could pay around $1000 per 8-hour day per executive protection professional and about the same for each required vehicle and driver.

These firms typically engage employees in target areas who can assist in assessing the threat to executive travel in these areas and are experienced in understanding and mitigating the likely risks during travel. Executive protection firms who augment travel security programs may also help ensure the executive is following all local travel regulations, while also conducting on-the-ground contingency planning. And while the cost of executive protection and EP rates can be prohibitive for some organizations, there is also a price for being caught unaware and unprotected from substantial threats. The cost of an actual or attempted attack may be more expensive – in terms of both real damages and reputational harm – than proactively addressing these issues with executive protection services.

This is a conceptual photo relating to business and protection.Click on the links below to view lightboxes. Portrait of woman engineer at building site looking at camera with copy space. Mature construction manager standing in yellow safety vest and blue hardhat with crossed arms. Successful confident architect at construction site with team discussing in background.

Once the EP team has created a baseline threat assessment and determined the best means of protecting the principals, a capable closed protection officer will continually evaluate emerging security issues and offer assessments of the threat. They are highly skilled with pattern recognition and can identify anomalous behavior. Ideally, these officers are also well trained in the use of technology and tools to detect threats and identify patterns in areas where human eyes cannot always be present. Seam provides VIPs armed or unarmed personal protection by highly competent, confidential and reliable close protection agents.

These guys usually show up on the day of an event/gig and depend on physical deterrence. The problem with that is, there is usually someone in the crowd that no matter how big you are, they will still try something foolish. Many times purposely, in an effort to get your hands on them and then collect a payday in the form of a lawsuit or out of court settlement/payoff. Westminster Security are experts in providing Executive Protection to C-suite executives, industry figureheads, dignitaries, royalty, and heads of state. We provide Executive Protection in London, throughout the UK, and worldwide for our globally active clients.

Allied Universal® provides comprehensive, global, executive protection and security services for 24/7, 365 days a year coverage through our Executive Protection and Intelligence Services division. Our team of experts average 20+ years of industry experience with diverse backgrounds in corporate security, military, local/federal law enforcement, legal and technology. An executive protection officer or close protection officer has specialized training and tools designed to provide protective security.

May I have more information about when the next training session would be? I have obtained an Ontario security license as well completed the use of force and baton training, and would also like to have more information about it. Agents will need to be able to respond properly should an emergency arise, including having a current First Aid with CPR/AED certificate. Agents are often required to have formal training from a recognized agency, law enforcement, or military and the practical knowledge plus experience to work in the field.

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