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We’re able to offer a complete office waste disposal service, carrying out all of the works ourselves, in house, from start to finish. Why would you want to rent a skip and have to worry about the hassle of obtaining a skip permit from Croydon council? Why would you want to do all of the heavy lifting yourself, when filling your skip? Or waste additional funds hiring labour to fill the skip for you? Rubbish Cleared offer the full service, from start to finish and at much cheaper rates than the skip hire companies can offer you. Anything that can be immediately put back into use, or can be refurbished for re-use will be separated out.

We undertake thousands of collections every week for businesses, tradespeople, landlords and householders throughout the UK. You can see that it makes complete sense to bring in our team of rubbish clearance experts the next time you need a full or partial garage clearance. We will make it straightforward and effortless for you to reclaim your valuable garage space, at the best prices guaranteed.

The solid residue (char) can be further refined into products such as activated carbon. Gasification and advanced Plasma arc gasification are used to convert organic materials directly into a synthetic gas (syngas) composed of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. An alternative to pyrolysis is high temperature and pressure supercritical water decomposition (hydrothermal monophasic oxidation). The junk disposal that Express Waste Removals provides to homeowners, holders of business, commercial and other estates has public liability insurance in the amount of 2 million pounds. Hiring our men is safe, easy and hassle-free for you so, don’t hesitate to do it for your home, office, commercial or business property or building, garden, and other areas. We have the skills, experience, men and vehicles to plan and carry out your waste removal in a fast and safe manner.

If you’ve been searching for ‘rubbish removal near me’ or ‘rubbish clearance near me,’ you’ve come to the right place. ensures that you’ll find a wide range of licensed waste disposal experts near you. We are a price comparison platform specialising in putting homes and business owners in touch with reputable rubbish removal teams nearby, anywhere across the UK. Customers can easily request one or more quotes for house clearance or rubbish removal services and receive same-day or next-day service. We are registered with the Environment Agency as upper tier waste carriers, brokers and dealers (CBDU253265).

This practice may encourage disposal contractors to opt for the cheapest disposal option such as landfill rather than the environmentally best solution such as re-use and recycling. Our staff will arrive on time, equipped and ready to do the lifting, loading, and transportation of heavy boxes, old appliances, furniture and other items. We will dispose of them correctly by recycling, sorting the materials by type or sending them for reuse. We recycle as much as possible to keep pollution to the minimum. Our rubbish removal experts will carry out the trash clearance adhering to the waste management rules using vans or trucks with the necessary size.

If there is plenty of stuff you need to dispose of, such as possessions, appliances, furniture or other items that no longer serve their purpose, don’t hesitate to use our waste removal service. It was designed specifically to help you clear away unwanted items from your flat or house. We are equipped with the right tools and armed with knowledge. We also have the skills to do the job in the right way, avoiding any potential damages in your property. The exact amount you will pay for your rubbish removal will depend on how much waste you want us to remove.

If you’re new to skip hire and need some help and advice, our top tips and  helpful guides is just what you need. So go ahead and give us a call, one of our friendly team will be able to assist you with your office clearance in Croydon. Should you wish to book a collection, simply reply to that email whenever you’re ready. Take the first step towards your tailored eco friendly solution by requesting your quote now.

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